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Shy Treeson - Treeson and Other Stories Series 2


Treeson and Other Stories Blindbox Series 2 characters are designed and produced based on the stories from Bubi Au Yeung. This is the Shy Treeson figure, which is pretty rare of the series.

Designer: Bubi Au Yeung
Manufacturer: Crazy Label
Dimensions: 3 inches

This is an open blind box item. On Sale. The box is opened to identify figure inside only, never displayed. Brand new. This series is originally sold in blind box – which means when you buy a figure, you do not know which kind you may be getting. It makes it more difficult to find the more rare items in the series. The opened blind box items may help you to get the specific figures you want, avoiding duplicates purchase of same figures.

This is collector's toy only. It is NOT designed or made for Children. Not for use or handling by anyone under the age of 14.